The Algarve is a great place to enjoy wildlife and birds especially. Within an hour drive it is possible to visit very different places and landscapes.

Let’s start with my favorite one: the Sagres Peninsula! This place is famous for the raptor migration in the autumn. That is a truly amazing show! Also, many passerines pass through and seabirds migrate along the coast. In October, the Sagres Birdwatching Festival has been happening for a decade now. You are welcome to come and visit us at this amazing event. I could spend hours talking about the flocks of Griffon Vultures soaring over Cabranosa, the continuous streams of Buzzards or Booted Eagles or the appearance of scarcer migrating soaring birds…. Even though spring is quieter, if you get there on a good day, it can be as good as the autumn with the place packed with migrants! The luckiest one would even spot dolphins from the coast!

Have a look at our tours to enjoy a great birding day at Sagres!

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