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ARPTlogoSmall1 A Rocha Life was born from A ROCHA Portugal. But A ROCHA Portugal also plays an important role by managing all the hospitality side of the week long tours, serving meals and accommodation at their field study centre (also known as Cruzinha) and at villa they manage. This way we also give our customers an opportunity to get in touch with the environmental conservation and education work done by A ROCHA in southern Portugal.


 Climate Stewards is a British Registered Charity #114110 working  on carbon mitigation programs through native forest restoration and poverty alleviation programs in Ghana, Mexico and Kenya. A Rocha Life offsets its carbon emission from the birdwatching week tours with Climate Stewards.


Established a partnership with Hand Up Holidays to facilitate the booking of week tours with flights included. Hand Up Holidays aims to offer experiences that you will treasure forever, by combining expertly-led sightseeing with meaningful community development through volunteering or philanthropy.

0-3A Rocha Life can guide tours or lead workshops organized by Portugal4U.


A Rocha Life created contents for information boards put in the Sagres area for the “Via Algarviana 2” project.

mediaferias_logo is a special in holiday house renting between individuals at a European level, since 2002, with:

  • A million renting proposals per year
  • About 250.000 rents per year
  • 19.000 announcements in 83 countries
  • A network presentin the main European countries in 7 languages.

Find all the holiday locations of MediaFerias in the Algarve

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