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When is the best time to visit?

Both spring and autumn are great for different reasons.
In spring, you will find a lush green vegetation with a lot of flowers and insects. The bird diversity is not so abundant although you still see a lot. However, in Castro Verde you can spot some more migrants around this time.

In autumn, you come across a bigger variety of species, a lot of them on their way south.  Sagres will be a lot better at this time with many birds of prey. But this is when the landscape is mostly brown, after the dry summer.


What airport should I fly to? And do you provide a transfer?

Faro (FAO) is the best and you will be picked up there. With the Birds, birds, birds! week tour, you will start birdwatching right away for a couple of hours, not too far, at Santa Luzia saltpans.


What should I wear?

10 days before your arrival we will send you an email with some useful information including a weather forecast, so you can decide what’s best. Our advice is that you bring:

  • Light rain coat: there are some occasional showers in spring, mostly;
  • Light and warm sweater or coat: some days the temperatures may be cooler, especially in the morning;
  • Cool clothes: the rest of the time you should expect the weather to be warm (or hot if you come in September);
  • Hiking boots: on some days, we will be walking on uneven ground.


What else should I bring?

We do not provide toiletries. Please bring yours. But you do not need to bring bathroom towels, we will provide those for you.


Are there dietary options, e.g. for vegetarians or food restrictions?

We provide different options if you required them in advance. Make sure you mention those options when you submit the booking form. We will reply if we have a problem providing what you requested. Also take into account that we might not be able to provide you with the variety of food you are used to at home.


What happens if the weather is bad during the birdwatching week?

If we know the weather will prevent us from taking the most out of one location, we can switch the order we visit them, to increase the chances of seeing birds.


Can I use your accommodations if I stay a few extra days?

Of course! Just let us know what days you are considering in the observations when you submit the form.


Should I get travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that for situations like getting sick or having to change you travel plans last minute (cancelling or anticipating you return) or other that may apply. This coverage should certainly include all medical-related expenses and emergency air lifts where required.
Our (included) insurance will cover any events that are our responsibility and any assistance that may be needed in case of an accident.

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