1. The booking of a tour is arranged between you and A Rocha Life.
  2. Our tours can be booked using the form on this website, by phone or email up to 15 days before the tour starts.
  3. For week long tours we will secure your booking after confirming the payment of a booking fee of at least 250 EUROS of Total Amount. The Total Amount remain will need to be paid at least 15 days before the tour starts.
  4. For day tours, payment can be done directly on the day.
  5. The booking of a week long tour with flight included is arranged with our partner Hands Up Holidays. In this case the information you submit in this website will be sent to them so they can arrange all the travel details with you.
  6. The prices we announce for tours mentioned in A.5. are only valid for bookings done up to 60 days before the tour starts. After that prices could be different due to flight cost changes.
  7. Air fares are not purchased in advance. They are bought when you make your booking. This means that the price of flights may increase when you book. We will absorb as much of any flight increase as we can, but if the price of your flight rises above £180/person, our partner, Hands Up Holidays, reserves the right to pass on this excess to you.
  8. For bookings mentioned in A.5. the Hands Up Holidays Booking Conditions apply.
  9. If you are booking the flight yourself, make sure you do it to Faro, Portugal (FAO airport) a make sure that you are there on the starting day by 2 PM.
  10. Last Minute Deals do not include flights.
  11. Last Minute Deals payment is included in the booking procedure. A PayPal page will open up through which you can pay either using a PayPal account, if you have one, or with your Credit/Debit Card.
  12. Bookings made with A ROCHA Life are paid in EUROS.
  13. Bookings made with Hands Up Holidays are paid in Sterling Pounds.



  1. A Rocha Life may cancel a tour for unexpected reasons. A Rocha Life cannot be liable for cancellation due to: natural disaster, weather condition or other factors independent from us. In the mentioned cases, a voucher will be emitted and we will organize with each client alternative dates for the tour.
  2. Cancellation can only be done by the client by sending an email 15 days before the tour starts. A fee of 20% of total amount will always be charged. Any remaining amount paid will be refunded.
  3. If cancellation does not respect what is requested in B.2., a fee of 50% of Total Amount will be charged. Any remaining amount paid will be refunded.
  4. Once the tour has started with all the participants’ agreement, it will not be interrupted due to external factors (wind, rain, temperature) except when unsafe. In case of tour interruption by the participants, the total amount will not be refunded.



  1. A Rocha Life is registered under N.º 564/2015 (RNAAT) with Turismo de Portugal.
  2. Tour prices include insurance with civil responsibility and car passenger (accident) coverage. The amount covered by the insurance is compliant with what the Portuguese Law requests for our activity.



  1. Information on itineraries and time in the various points of each tour are just indicative. Our team is flexible to accommodate your preference, so tours could be shorter or longer than stated.
  2. We might change the duration and itineraries of tours without previous acknowledgement according to weather conditions.



  1. A Rocha Life will use your email address to contact you for your tour arrangements and may use it to send a newsletter exclusively related with the company. You may request to be excluded from the later.
  2. During our tours, videos and pictures may be taken to promote our work. If you do not want to be represented in those, warn us before the tour.



  1. A Rocha Life promotes ecotourism activities, natural and cultural heritage. We expect a respectful conduct towards nature and visited places. When visiting a protected area, we expect participants to respect behaviour codes.
  2. A Rocha Life reserves the right to stop or cancel a tour if the participants’ behaviour disturbs people, species or habitats.



  1. A Rocha Life has a complaint book and reports to Turismo de Portugal.



  1. Any other situations not mentioned in this document can be discussed and decided in agreement with A Rocha Life, always in accordance to Portuguese Law.

Last update: 2017-03-01

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