Our tours have received the official recognition as Nature Tourism (Turismo da Natureza) from the Nature Conservation and Forestry Institute, the governmental organization responsible for supervise Portuguese natural parks.

This status is recognition of what was already in place: our activities follow a code of business responsibility and environment friendly practices. That is also a guarantee for our customers!

You will be able to recognize that status by the use of the Turismo de Natureza stamp:

Turismo de Natureza

Since we started, we aimed to combine our enjoyment of nature with its protection, promoting a sustainable tourism. This is why we invest all our profits in conservation and environmental education. For that same reason we also made all our activities completely carbon neutral, by paying off all our tours carbon emissions through Climate Stewards program.

We are pleased to share this effort with our customers – you!

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European Storm-Petre on the groundPeople birdwatching by a van in the hills