Filipa BragançaBirdwatching guide

    Filipa is Portuguese and grew up in this part of the Algarve. She did her biology degree at Aveiro University before working with sea Turtles in Greece. She also helped during the firsts migration campaign at Sagres and monitored bird mortality on power lines with SPEA (BirdLife International partner in Portugal).

    She has been volunteering at A Rocha Portugal since 2008 and has worked mainly with monitoring Kentish Plovers on the Alvor Estuary.

    She is also a licensed bird ringer in Portugal and participates regularly on Bird Census Projects (Atlas fieldwork, Common Bird Census, Owl Census…).

    She is also interested and has large knowledge on orchids and butterflies.

    She has been working with A Rocha Life since 2016.

    Filipa is fluent in Portuguese and English.

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