The last spring Birdwatching week was another good one with 130 species spotted!

The week started slowly at Ria de Alvor where the diversity of wader was poor but we still saw several Whimbrels, Kentish Plovers and Litte Stints. The highlight of the day at Sagres was definitely the White-rumped Swift we saw among other swifts. The trip to Castro Verde was moved to Tuesday because of the weather. As usual, we were not disappointed with a good diversity of birds of prey (2 species of Eagles and 2 of Vultures seen at the same time!). The day after, we did not spend much time at Alvor because of the weather and the tour at Lagoa dos Salgados was quiet but we still had good views of Purple Heron. The trip ot Monchique on Saturday was good with most of the specialities seen and we finished the day looking at 4 Eagle Owls (1 adult and 3 juveniles). The week ended at Ludo with good views of Little Bittern, Red-crested Pochard and terrapins.

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Rock Bunting perched on a bush