Birdwatching from the coast (also called seawatching) is a nice activity however it can be difficult or frustrating since most birds pass quite far (unless you are doing it on a stormy day which has other inconvenient). Going on a boat trip can be a great alternative to see these birds. The diversity seen during one of these trips cannot be compared to going on another birdwatching tour but it well worth it.

As you leave the harbour and start going out, the first Gannets and Shearwaters (usually Cory’s) start showing-up. It is possible to see them on the water (a raft) with Great or Balearic Shearwaters. Finding a fishing boat or using chum allows the observation of Storm Petrel, even the Wilson’s Storm Petrel. Many gulls are also attracted; the luckiest will see a Sabine’s Gull. The Skuas use this opportunity to steal food from the gulls and the apparition of one of them will create a movement of panic among the other birds.

These trips are also a great opportunity to see Dolphins.

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