Now that we can go out (but taking all safety measures), why not exploring a great local area for birdwatching: Ria de Alvor. Over the year more than 300 species have been registered in the area and it is not rare to record more than 50 species in a few hours on a good day. However, the place has changed a lot since last year with the collapse of a part of the dyke.


Many waders pass through the area during the autumn and a good quantity will stay there to winter. A few ducks will also spend the winter at Ria de Alvor. Some years, a Short-eared Owl can be seen hunting over the marsh. Spring sees the Little Tern coming back and Black-winged Stilts breeding. Summer is a quieter season but big flocks of Flamingos, mostly juveniles, can be seen.

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yellow-crowned night heronyellow wagtail