Another great wetland to go birding in south of Portugal is Lagoa dos Salgados. It is located not far from Albufeira, divided from the coast only by the beach. You may have heard about this coastal lagoon for different reasons. It is a great birding place and the last attempt of Flamingos to breed in the Algarve was there, in 2010 when 2 nests with eggs were found. It is one of few places in Algarve, which still remains left for wildlife, although there are still plans for building infrastructure around the lagoon despite a strong opposition from environmental NGOs. A great variety of birds can be observed there. It is not rare to see 50 species or more on a good afternoon since it is when the light is the best. Ducks, waders, Flamingos, herons, gulls, terns, Marsh Harriers, Bluethroat are some of the regular visitors of this place.

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a yawning gullA group of people birwatching