A birding place which has been visited a lot recently with various groups is Abicada, in the eastern part of Ria de Alvor. The place offers a good variety of habitats and therefore of birds. Flamingos can be numerous on the brackish lagoon with Teals and Shovelers in winter and the Osprey frequently fish there. Many waders usually feed on the mudflats, only visible if the tide is low. In the drier marsh, big flocks of storks can be seen roosting in winter and small pools by a reedbed are very interesting in spring.  Reed and Savi’s Warbler can be heard singing in the reeds. Ruff, Wood Sandpiper or Little Ringed Plover can be seen in migration. Glossy Ibis are now common and Purples Swamphens appeared a few years ago and are now breeding.

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