A ROCHA Life Quiz, 2018

Results after Photo 10

Dear contestants, we are very happy to announce the results of the top 5 A ROCHA Life Quiz 2018 contestants. And they are (drums, please…):





 Zsombor  9
 HMate 9
marcipalkata 8
 Firecrest_1 7
berlasz  5


Allow us to remind you all that in case of tie, at the end of stage we will run another 10 photos. Only on second stage will be using the sudden death rule and deciding the winner base on the quickest last correct answer (Rules 4.g). We used the same principle for this ranking, but if at the end we still have a tie, we will have 10 more photos. Yupeeee!…

For those who are not in the top 5, don’t give up as you can still review your bird ID. Remember, only your last answer will count, so this Top 5 can change dramatically on the last minute.

Remember as well to invite your friends to join the party. This is a lot more fun when it’s done together.

Most important: have fun, enjoy and protect nature and birds.

A ROCHA Life team

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Marsh Harrier flying over a reedbedGreat White Egret in a field