Each trip to the Alentejo is different and with the unusual weather we have been experiencing this June the trip planned on June 29th was going to be different too.

It started with fog and we had to wait a bit to be able to finally spot a Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin, but we had nice views of Short-toed Eagles while waiting. Then, it got warmer and as we were looking at Crag Martins, Griffon and Cinereous Vultures showed-up, soaring and gliding right above our heads! The lagoons visited next were not as rich in birds as expected but many dragonflies were on the wing.

Lunchtime allowed us to hear a Golden Oriole singing and seeing more Vultures. Then, the weather got cloudy and windy but we finally saw 2 Great Bustards and had great views of Black-bellied Sandgrouses flying overhead!

We had many changes of weather on that day but still saw about 60 species!

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Little SwiftFestival Sagres. Bonelli's Eagle