We are happy to announce that 2017 dates are already available and we look forward to having people looking at our website and contacting us, either for bookings or for information. It is worth to mention a few notes:

  1. Because of the Sterling Pound drop and as we operate in South Portugal, prices had to be reviewed, but prices for 2016 were kept the same. So if anyone wants to use that bargain, do start booking!
  2. We are now operating in partnership with a British travel agency, who can book flights from any airport in the world. So that means that we can organize an all included trip for all our friends, including the ones from other continents.
  3. We have developed a client encouragement policy for 2017 birdwatching trips. A couple booking gets an immediate total discount of £100 (or equivalent in their own currency). Any friend booking, landing on our website because of his/her friend’s publicity, entitles the person/couple who is already booked with us and shared our tours information to an extra £50 discount on their final bill.
  4. Finally, a group booking of 6+ will also enjoy an immediate 10% discount on the total bill. This doesn’t apply to tailor made tours (as in our new Design Your Own Tour option) because there aren’t fixed prices for those tour types.

We look forward to welcome your bookings and information requests. In the meantime, keep enjoying the birds at their natural habitats and do work your best for nature conservation where you live. We do the same here!

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Pied Flycatcher in a Pine TreeSlender-billed Gull flying